Tales from the Cottage...

Yuk, yuk, yukerty yuk... Yes I know 'Yukerty' isn't a word but it is the only way to describe what I'm about to say...

On the whole we have been lucky with our wonderful guests at the cottage.  It has been a pleasure to meet so many genuinely nice people who have treated our cottage as they would their own home. This week however we discovered not everyone is the same!

Our beautiful cottage which usually takes 2 people 2 hours to clean has taken 4 hours and counting this week. It was the dirtiest we had ever seen it. We are absolutely shocked at how people can think it is OK to leave a place in such a condition. If a herd of sheep had rented the cottage it would have been cleaner.

We have been thinking about how we can avoid this in future but we're at a loss, other than to charge an extortionate cleaning fee in advance - which we believe is wrong - as I said most people are fabulous and it has been a wonderful experience pretty much every time. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


If you like to rub tan coloured make up into every single pristine white towel - don't book 

If you like to eat food off the floor - don't book

If you like to not wash up for a week - don't book


If you like to wash up using layers of grease - don't book 

If you like to stain furniture with hot cups (not using the coasters which are clearly there) - don't book

If you like to 'hide' food under the sofa or the bed - don't book

If you like to fill the bins to capacity with items that can only be described as 'minging' - don't book

If you like to rub the bed sheets in mud - don't book

If any of the above apply to you then...


I shall leave you with a picture of one of the many items of detritus we found lurking under the sofa... enjoy!

Captured...The runaway pizza!


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