The Things You Find When you're Pottering Around...

Mother nature really is amazing, her little treasures lie waiting in the most unexpected places. This week saw us fully open for business. Just before the first guests arrived I did a final bit of sprucing, and of course, as the title of this post suggests 'pottering'. I was doing the aforementioned in the patio area. Dark green foliage disguises an otherwise unremarkable wall. Earlier in the season, the wall was covered in Jasmine and the scent really was wonderful. The Jasmine has all but ended but what has replaced it was equally impressive - a grapevine! Not just a vine though. My lovely little vine also has grapes. They may be small and dark green but they are there, oh yes, they are there alright!

Higher Primrose Cottage continues to surprise me in the most unexpected ways. It is a small cottage but as I am discovering it has a lot to say.

Did someone say wine?


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