Summer is Finally Here!

Such strange times we live in don't you think?

It has been so lovely to welcome back our guests this year in what can only be described as unprecedented times. On a positive note the amount of people who are experiencing holidaying in the U.K. for the first time has been tremendous. it has been so good to be able to share all of the wonderful things that Devon has to offer with our guests. We live in a beautiful county in a beautiful country and sometimes it's easy to forget that when the world seems to be at sixes and sevens. Why go anywhere else when everything you need is right here?

Living in Devon keeps me grounded and makes me see the world through a positive lens. Everywhere you look there is beauty to be found. So if you need to refocus, refresh or just escape the madness then please do come and pay us a visit, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Whilst so much of life has changed some things have happily remained the same. These pictures were taken at the top of the road - regardless of what's happening the fields still need to be harvested and I'm still searching for the needle!!


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