Red and Yellow and Pink and Green.....

Autumn seems to have finally arrived today. There is a real nip in the air and the smell of seasoned logs filling the chimneys. Thank goodness the cottage has a lovely log burner!

Autumn is also the time when visitor numbers start to decrease and I start to think about all of the 'jobs' that need to be done to keep Higher Primrose spic and span. One such job is a total repaint of the front and back plus a new colour for the front door. I have wandered around the village to get 'a feel' for colours that would work. There is such variety these days that it's hard to choose. My current thinking is a soft mink for the walls, with a nice light pastel olive green for the door.... sort of like this...….. What do you think? Not sure I could stretch to the rose but I'll give it a go!!

Cottage Colours - copyright



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