Doorstep Adventures Part 1 ~ Meldon Reservoir

This post is the first in my occasional series of 'Doorstep Adventures'. Today I am exploring Meldon Reservoir, which until this week I had not visited for quite a few years.

Meldon Reservoir lies within the North Western part of Dartmoor National Park. It is the perfect place from which to explore the stunning scenery of Dartmoor. Meldon sits below both Yes Tor and High Willhays - the highest ground within Dartmoor and the only 2 mountains in Southern England (621 & 619 metres above sea level)! From High Willhays there are spectacular views - on a clear day you'll be able to see across to Bodmin Moor, over to the North Cornish Coast and looking North you'll be able to see Exmoor. Spend the day walking and exploring the stunning landscape. Walk to Black-a-copse Tor National Nature Reserve (as featured on the BBC's 'Secret Britain' programme), it is home to rare high altitude Oak and absolutely stunning. Take in the views and watch as the clear waters of the West Okement river flow across the granite rocks.

I had forgotten just how marvelous a day spent on Dartmoor can be, I will definitely not leave it as long to revisit Meldon!

Black-a-Copse Nature Reserve Meldon Reservoir


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